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I should have known..

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is bad. But being a narcissist.... In a relationship with someone who is even more narcissistic... Must be, well, exhausting. I couldn't imagine.. but I don't feel bad about the situation. I call that... Karma.

Tiktok should be banned. Get a new move other than biting your lip and rubbing the stubble on your chin.

Social media really does come and go... Once a filter fend is now a recluse. Weird how it works out. The one thing that I wanted... Attention, I couldn't get because I'm not fake. Not controlling. She found an escape from me... I bet she'll cook up another escape plan. One more scandalous than all the others.

So, I have to feel anger and a sense of how I wasn't good enough ...for what? Why? Let's just add on to the emotional trauma that is life. Is it true? Hurt people, hurt people? And does that ever make it okay... Especially in cold, dead silence.

I've thought about scenarios... Had dreams of them. I wake up pissed off... Or sad as fuck. When I do dream. My life is better now, don't get me wrong.... But does it stop me from seeking out opportunities to laugh at the most vain people I've encountered? No, it does not. Selfish assholes. I should have fucking known.

11:34 p.m. - 2020-08-13


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